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70 year old goes crazy

70-year old goes crazy!

A short story. In May of 2020 Covid19 persuaded us to interrupt our sailing trip from The Gulf of Mexico to Nova Scotia. With a lot of unexpected time on my hands, I decided to get back into business. As I just turned 70 years old recently, I might be crazy!This is

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Business basics 101 – The 3 elements of business

What are the three fundamental aspects of a business? Any business? We suggest that there are three fundamental elements that have to work together for a business to function. . A product or service.For any business to succeed, it must offer something of value to its customers or clients. This can be

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Essential training sales marketing for new businesses

The first time hanging out your business sign. Putting up a sign, literally or otherwise is marketing. Marketing is building an awareness of your offerings and brand. Getting potential customers to notice you. This is different from sales. Sales is getting the order, completing the transaction. All marketing and sales have two

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Small company Covid19 business support 2020

Maybe we can provide some Covid19 business support. 1 in 6 small businesses has already closed due to Covid19. But we don’t want to waste your time, this is not a place to find grants, bailout programs, quick fixes or cleaning supplies. What we can offer an objective perspective and sound guidance,

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Prosperity, what does it mean to you?

To prosper, to accomplish, to thrive, a sense of success and well-being. Isn’t this what we all want? Isn’t this what you want? We have been helping small businesses succeed since 1995. Would you like to learn how to move your enterprise forward? Would you like to do this steadily without making

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prosperity Consulting of Nova Scotia

Prosperity Consulting – for your success

The company started as a technical services business back in 1993 as PBN-Private Business Networks, but I soon discovered that many of our clients were attempting to solve business problems simply by automating bad systems or business practices. To illustrate and communicate this with our clients, I began a two-year course of

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3 SEO lies to really question in 2021

There are many supposed tricks to better search rankings. But in reality, it actually takes work. Many of the supposed tricks will just get your site demoted or kicked off altogether. Even with very good tools like Squilly or MOZ or the dozens of other products and services or Google Analytics itself,

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Help your business thrive in today’s world

we can help your business thrive What does it take to create success? How can you help your business thrive?The specifics will depend on your particular industry, but some basic principles apply to all businesses, and in fact to all endeavours in life. None of these principles are secret and all our well

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ways to succeed today

What are the best ways to succeed today? Is today really different than any other time? There are many details that are specific to the exact time and place. Of course, these details have to be taken into account, however, there are basic principles that have never changed. Things that do change

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Management Consulting

Management Consultants and Coaching I have run successful businesses in the USA and Canada since about 1973.  I began studying with Robert Fritz in about 2001 and took many courses on how to help others be successful in business, really in any endeavor. By applying the principles of the the Structural Thinking

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