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The company started as a technical services business back in 1993 as PBN-Private Business Networks, but I soon discovered that many of our clients were attempting to solve business problems simply by automating bad systems or business practices. To illustrate and communicate this with our clients, I began a two-year course of training with Robert Fritz to better understand the principles of running a company successfully and how to teach this to others. So somewhere around the year 2001 I began to do business analysis and consulting to help business managers understand why systems and practices were not producing the results they wanted. Around that time, I created the Prosperity Consulting arm of the business which eventually became “the business”. After a short time of offering services to corporate clients, I decided that my interests and passions were more in line with working with business owners who actively managed their companies, rather than corporate or governmental entities. Contact us for a free consultation.

I named the business prosperity consulting as my aim was to help people achieve the results they wanted, which was often not only associated with more money, but rather with genuine prosperity, a sense of wellbeing and actual wealth.

Prosperity Consulting of Nova Scotia

We can help you move your business to greater success.

Prosperity Consulting has been helping companies and individuals achieve the results they want to achieve since around 1990. The material contained here is primarily directed to people considering starting a business or in the first 3 – 5 years of running a company. But we have clients that have been in business for over 20 years. What you will find in these pages is the distillation of the accumulated business knowledge absorbed over 35 years of starting and running companies, alone, with partners and as the president of corporations. The business experiences range from Electrical contracting to software development and websites to management consulting and digital marketing support. Hopefully, you will find something here that will be useful to you.

While I had managed to create and lead 5 successful companies, I was amazed to find how little I actually knew about how I did it! I had read many business books and subscribed to business magazines (in the pre-internet days), but It wasn’t until I started studying the material presented by Robert and Rosalyn Fritz that I began to really understand “how” it all worked.

The system, method or insight Robert Fritz presented is encompassed in something he calls “Structural Thinking“. since that time the late 1990s This has been the guiding principles in managing my own businesses as well as in consulting and advice we provide to clients. More on this later. So combining over twenty-five years of hands-on business experience and a few years dedicated to learning Structural Thinking I started Prosperity Consulting of Nova Scotia as an offshoot of Private Business Networks an Information Technology and Software Development company I was then the president of.

I have been delivering business improvement consulting as Prosperity Consulting to help clients reach greater success since 1995

I have helped a number of businesses get started or accelerate their success. An example is Arbor Plant Health Care of Nova Scotia who I have worked with for over 10 years with strategic planning, business process improvement tools, salesforce training and digital marketing involving website rank improvement and social media marketing.

If you are just starting a business or are running a successful company but know you can do better and would like straight forward information about how I may be able to help you and what it would cost (without obligation hype, lies or empty promises) then contact me at this link and we can exchange emails, chat, zoom or talk on the phone.

Success can mean many different things

We offer:

A note about our outlook. Our intention is to help you achieve, or increase the success of your business. If you did the math you can tell I am in my late 60s and my objective is to work with a few companies/people who I feel can genuinely benefit from our services. I have no mortgage, have money in the bank and live in a nice house on the ocean. I am not here to “just sell you things”. For instance, while we offer website search rank improvement services, many companies will not benefit from these services. If you already have more work than you can handle, or your offering is not going to benefit from social media marketing, we will try to help you determine the best next step, rather than trying to convince you to buy something your don’t need or may even harm your progress.

  • Deciding, or clarifying, what you actually want is very important. Success can mean very different things to people. Some people only measure success in dollars. For others achieving a certain goal is what is actually important to them and the dollars are only something that allows them to achieve that goal. Being crystal clear on what you want, and why you want it will make a big difference in the longer term, particularly when the going gets tough, and it will at times. So being clear in your mind what you want and also being clear on why you want it, your motivation, are both critical. Only after you have clarity about what you want and why you want it can you effectively know the right steps, of how you will get there.

Some people don’t really have to think about what they want, they just know. But just as often people have vague ideas about what they want or want many things at the same time that are actually in conflict with each other. confusion about why we want things can be even less clear. Prosperity Consulting of Nova Scotia can work with you to improve your business on a one to one basis and you can find more information about management consultants as well as some low-cost ways to improve your business by clicking the link.

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Actual wealth is not measured in only money.


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