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Business success through conscious competency

What is “success” anyway? There is a lot of talk about “success” and what it takes to be successful. Anyone who gives much thought to the topic would probably agree that one should define “success” before trying to achieve it.  One measure of “success” at Prosperity Consulting is helping you, the client,

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seo lies damned lies statistics

SEO Lies damned lies statistics and the history of the web

“AdWords, SEO, Lies, damned lies, statistics” While I don’t have any statistics a great number of webistes are more about lying than telling the truth.  Many websites you find in searches are found because of deceptive SEO practices. Generally, deceptive SEO practices point to deceptive websites. There are two fundamental ways that

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SEO overview

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, does it matter to me?   SEO or Search Engine Optimization is another one of those things that promise miracles and in some cases actually delivers them. As someone who delivered their first commercial website in 1998 and has helped many businesses with there success through selling

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