Prosperity, what does it mean to you?

To prosper, to accomplish, to thrive, a sense of success and well-being. Isn’t this what we all want? Isn’t this what you want? We have been helping small businesses succeed since 1995. Would you like to learn how to move your enterprise forward? Would you like to do this steadily without making all the mistakes that are inevitable in a new endeavour? I have over 30 years of experience in starting and running successful businesses. I have also been trained by some of the top people in the management consulting and leadership world in how to communicate this experience. But before we jump into how to get rich, it may make good sense to consider why you want to get rich in the first place and even if getting rich is what you really want at all.

In today’s world, there is a great emphasis put on money. As if money was the only route to happiness or the only way to measure success. It has not always been this way, and in reality, simply having more money may not equate with happiness or fulfillment. Not so long ago much more emphasis was placed on the fulfillment a person enjoyed in their livelihood and the amount of money the person made was of lesser importance. The intention and focus of our company are to help you achieve the results you want. While that may be partially measured in money, and money may be necessary to achieve a fundamental goal, our focus is not on simply making as much money as possible in the shortest time possible. Do you know what you actually want out of your life or your business?

For a business in its first few years of existence just staying in business can be a big accomplishment as a more new business fails than succeed and only very very few go on to be household names. Of course, these household names such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Space-X, TikTok and so on are sometimes all one hears about. But for every Facebook, there are millions of business ideas that failed, but also millions of very very successful and profitable businesses that you have never heard of.

Prosperity can take many forms

Prosperity can take many shape, financial wealth is only one form.

It is a natural human tendency to want to prosper, to be prosperous to be successful. But the form it takes and what it means to each individual can be very different. However, in today’s world, money, in some amount is going to be part of reaching any goal. Even if your aspiration is to help feed poor people, and even if you don’t personally want to make a lot of money, money will still need to be used to accomplish your goal. But let’s take a look as some of the other ways a person feel successful or prosperous or happy with there lot in life.

You may be interested in helping the environment, improving living conditions for poorer people or some disadvantage segment of the population. You may want to preserve art or teach children.

Our objective at Prosperity Consulting is to help people achieve the goals they want to achieve by the most direct route with the least amount of wasted effort, wong-turns or sidetracks. While there is no way known to humanity to completely eliminate wasted efforts and wrong turns, people have learned a lot about avoiding sited tracks and wasted efforts. We have been helping businesses to improve since 1990 with software, websites, management consulting, and marketing support. We started the company delivering custom software and “virtual workspaces” in 1990 but soon discovered that speeding up bad processes or systematizing competing corporate goals were not really helping people achieve their goals. So we began working more with helping to define and clarify strategic objectives and helping our clients to better understand the forces in play and the dynamic structures of their companies. With much credit given to Robert Fritz and his Structural Thinking approach as well as decades of business experience and study of the factors for success, we have continued to help businesses properly structure their objectives, resources and circumstances for greater success. Since about 2005 these efforts have been further focused away from the corporate world toward the owner-managed smaller business and start-ups. We like to start by taking a look at what you are really trying to achieve, be it personal wealth, or some bigger goal. Once the goal and motivation are clear, you can better chart a course for further success and only apply the services that make sense for your particular situation.

Prosperity can mean different things to people. While we are happy to help with your digital marketing campaign, we are always available to work with you to take a deeper look into your goals, resources and current strategies for achieving your desired results.

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