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Getting your ideas clear in your mind

What does it take to create success? How can you help your business thrive?
The specifics will depend on your particular industry, but some basic principles apply to all businesses, and in fact to all endeavours in life. None of these principles are secret and all our well known and have not changed over time.  It all starts with you or whoever is responsible.  It comes down to mind, motivation and methods.  Would you like to start an enterprise on solid ground or improve an existing concern? Maybe we can help. Without a clear goal in mind, it is difficult to make a plan. As Stephen Covey says; “Begin with the end in mind”. When deciding on a goal there are a few important aspects that should be included in the definition of the goal.
Some of these items include:

  • Why do you want to achieve this goal?
  • Who is responsible for the goal?
  • What are the measurable specific qualities and aspects of the goal?
  • When do you want to achieve the goal?

While there is much more that should be considered and clarified in designing our goal, this is a good start.

Next, your really should know exactly where you are now in relationship to the goal or outcome you desire. Every aspect of the goal as it pertains to resources, advertising, profits, location and so on, should be cataloged and recorded.

Think of it like this; If you are going to make a travel reservation, plane, boat or bus, what are the elements that need to be communicated? Where do you want to go? the destination, the goal.

When do you want to arrive? the time factor

Where are you leaving from?

Those are the essentials, but obviously how quickly you want to get there will depend on if you take a plane or a boat and also when you leave. While you may be able to get there my plane, maybe a plane is not in the budget and a drive in a car may have to do.

so to help your business thrive and not just survive, it may be good to start systematizing and standardizing the way you do goal setting, planning and achieving your goals.

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