We deliver the services business owners need to succeed

Since 1993 we have  helped businesses with software and management consulting.  Throughout the years we have offered:

  • Video Ads
  • Facebook Ads 
  • AdWords
  • Websites
  • Phone Apps
  • Custom Software

However due to moving towards a more relaxed lifestyle I will only be offering  Management Consulting & Coaching to new clients. 
We will continue to support all services for existing clients.

Video Ads

No longer offered to new clients.



No longer offered to new clients.



No longer offered to new clients.

IT Services

No longer offered to new clients.

Full business support
Management, Marketing, tools

With a lifetime of successful business experience I can help you start a business or improve an existing business.  We provide technical services such as websites, and Apps through reliable partners in Vietnam who we have worked with since 2001. We can deliver websites, apps and other technical services at ½ to  ¼ of North American prices. 

Our Team

Management Consulting, Video Advertising, Facebook and AdWords services are delivered by Don Winchell from North America.
Websites, Phone Apps, databases services, Java and other programming is managed and delivered by Hai Pham and Sea-Solutions

Years in business