Consulting And Coaching
to businesses since 1993

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I offer one-on-one advice and guidance where my training and experience are aligned with your business needs. I help business owners improve their business in ethical and durable ways. 

One-on-one via Zoom, or in a more affordable, but still effective ways leveraging internet tools.

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I have been helping people improve their  businesses since 1993. First through custom software development and systems automation, then through management consulting and coaching.  In the 1990s the compnay had about 22 employees, now it is just me operating from home.

I have more than 40 years of business experience gained from founding and operating six successful companies in the United States and Canada. 

No BS, no hype, just experience and proven methods. 

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Knowledge is (almost) everything

My Skills.


I can help you create or clarify executable business pathways to success

operational efficiency

Streamline and systemize business processes for profit and effectiveness

I can teach your team how to make more sales and without lies, pressure or exaggerations.