Some ESP32, Arduino and other microcontroller & electronics projects

Knot Duality

Since 1993 Prosperity Consulting has have been helping businesses improve. First through custom software development and systems automation. Then through management consulting using  Structural Thinking and over 40 years of creating four successful businesses.

At over 70 years old it is now time to spend more time on the boat and just doing what is interesting and using my experience to help people where I can.

ESP32 projects

The ESP32 is an astounding module at a truly remarkable price. Everything an Arduino does but with more memory, more speed and built - in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at a lower price.

Arduino projects

Arduino created an industry. An accessible, programmable microcontroller. The brought the world of automation to the "maker" and hobbyist

Boat Stuff

Most of the content is simply remarks and progress on some projects for boats. Currently a Gemini Catamaran is the target for some experiments

I have not been delivering technical services (IT services) since 2005, however If you need reliable custom software development for ANY size project, contact Sea-Solutions who I have been working with since 2001. Competent, professional and very reasonably priced as they are in Vietnam. 

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