My mission is to help you succeed in your business. Online, offline, affiliate marketing, a new venture or an existing business.

Prosperity Consulting has been helping businesses succeed since 1993

Business Improvement

Digital Marketing

  • Vision & Planning
  • Sales Training
  • Improved
  • operational efficacy
  • Websites since 1998
  • AdWords since 2012
  • Facebook & other social media
    since 2014 
  • SEO since 2014
  • Stop losing sales!
  • Convert more leads to sales.
  • Make more profit per sale.

Since 1993 Prosperity Consulting has have been helping businesses improve through technical services, automated systems and management support. Relying heavely on trainng from Robert Fritz in Structural Thinking and over 40 years in business

We delivered our first website in 1998 and have been offering planning & management support since 2005 and digital marketing services since 2012. 

We offer tested and proven automation tools and coaching based on experience and training gained in over 40 years of starting and running successful companies. 

Business is business, online or offline. We help you achieve the results you want for your business without lies, exaggerations or deception. In fact simply working with reality is our core value and meathod.  
Prosperity Consulting 

NEWS FLASH! After over 10 years of  retirement, I am getting back into business – >>>see the whole story here.<<<

Are you tired of being lied to?

Would you like some honest input into how to actually improve your business without exaggerations, misleading offers and outright lies? 
I have been in business for over 40 years and offer honest assessments and guidance. I will work with you to deliver a path forward without tricks or let you know that I will not be able to help you improve.

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Business Guidance

Working with seeing things as they are, motivation and planning. We can set actionable goals, improve work-flows and reporting structures. See more here.

AdWords, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok ...

It's a jungle. We can guide you, do it for you, or point you to the right people.


EXPERIENCE - 40 years, 6 company start-ups. Successful real-world experience, not just theories

Sales Training

Training in ethical non-deceptive sales both on-line and face to face.

Technical services Team

I have not been delivering technical services (IT services) since 2005, however services to existing clients continues to be delivered by Sea-Solutions who I have been working with since 2001

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