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Are you tired of promises to get you on the first page of Google or other empty promises? Have you paid enough to “experts” that tell a good story about how great they are but want you to pay before you see results?

pay for results marketing
only pay if you hit a bulls eye

Pay for results marketing. I have been in business since 1974 and have been doing management consulting since 2005 and search ranking improvement work since 2015.

I have learned many things running companies from electrical contracting to telephone system installations, to business improvement software, website development and management consulting. Some services have to be billed by the hour. Some services need to be quoted at a fixed price. Products can simply have a fixed price.

Pay for results marketing

But then some services are great candidates for deception false promises and outright fraud. Unfortunately, Search Ranking Improvement is an industry where results can be hard to set and hard to quantify. Even the most reputable companies will find it hard to make specific meaningful promises. Mostly what can be legitimately promised is an improvement. But all kinds of promises are made, but the reality is there are simply too many moving parts and unknowns. If a huge company with immense traffic and a great site history is targeting the keyword or phrase you want, you are simply not going to rank very high against them.

As frustrating as it might be for a new business, you will have to build up your rank over time. This is why we offer pay for results SEO SERP rank improvement. But there are definite actions you can take that will work more effectively than other actions. Rank increase that has value will take time. But you could see results in one to two months depending on how flexible and creative you want to be and how much work you are willing to put into writing meaningful helpful content.

I will use a short example to explain. For instance, if you are a painting company, you are not going to rank very high with a keyword like “Best price painting in New York City” There are just too many painting companies with established websites that are already using phrases like this. Or just parts of that phrase or variations on that phrase. An SEO company can promise you a top spot in the rankings if they rank you for a keyword like: “worst painting company in New York zip code 06472 in 2020”. Even then you would have to edit your page content, title and URL to rank for that keyword/phrase. But who is going to type that into their search bar? No one! but they will have fulfilled their promise of getting you in the top 10.

So for this reason our SEO, SERP and social media and AdWords services are offered as results-based pricing.

The account set-up fee is completely refundable if you feel that we have not produced something worth the fee after 30 days we will refund the fee. No hoops to jump through, just ask for a refund.

This offer only applies to WordPress websites

Why we ask for a setup fee when this is pay for results marketing.
We do ask for this small payment upfront to avoid a lot of wasted time from people who are not willing to commit the time they will need to commit to improving their ranking. YOU will need to put in the time. We can do audits, decide on a course of action and advise you as well as uses some automation tools, but your input will be necessary. Also want to screen out people who simply want something for nothing. We are obviously not targeting large businesses but are targeting smaller companies with smaller budgets. I was just starting out in business once myself (well more than once). You will have received value far in excess of the fee before we even request the fee. Click here for details

What you get for the account set-up fee on our pay for results marketing plan.

pay for results seo serp
  • weekly quality website audits as we work on improving the ranking. – Everything is completely transparent.
  • Personal consultation via phone or online chat
  • measurable rank improvement objectives
  • Refund of your account setup fee if you are not completely satisfied with the work we have done.
  • CONTACT US HERE if you want to arrange a free consultation. Please include your website URL where requested,

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