The big three, (or my big three)

Jonathan Montoya, you can not go wrong here. get Freedom Breakthrough it here

Dave Sharpe Legendary Marketers Get Legendary here

The One Funnel Away Challenge get OFA it here

This is an almost verbatim exchange I had with someone who contacted me on messenger. I did not know this person but they were “reaching out” as is encouraged by many of the “marketing experts” . I did not know this person but gave as honest and candid answer as I could , here it is in case it helps someone .

I believe that you can eventually make money from just organic traffic, but it will take a long time. Some people get lucky and score early and that inspires them and propels them onwards. Some people also win the lottery.

big three

I have been doing digital marketing for clients since about 2015, but they are physical businesses in local markets, it is very different in a geographically local market as you are only competine with a limited number of people and the products and services on not as generic as “make money online”, or “quite your 9 to 5 job” .

That is why I am taking the YouTube advertising course from Jonathan Montoya as I already know it cost money to learn, (with paid ads) but once you get it dialed in then can scale fairly readily. Once you get the ads dialed in, they can be very effective, but if you do it wrong you can spend a whole lot of money figuring out what you are not doing right. The cost of mistakes, or the learning process can be very expensive in dollars, whereas “practicing” with organic marketing a lot of it (not all, but a lot) of it is the same. If you can show any kind of results in driving organic traffic this can be mostly translated to ads.

A side note, many people who are “making $20,000 / month in sales” are spending $18,000 per month in Ads. Yes, many are doing a lot better and profit is still profit. And hype is still hype.

big three

Basically Russel Brunson defined the “space”, the arena the marketing model of the past roughly 10 years. Dave Sharp at legendary learned from him, Jonathan Montoya learned from Russel and then from Dave, they DO have it dialed in. Almost EVERYONE, in the internet marketing space is a is a descendant in some fashion from Russel whether they know it or not.

Russell Brunson’s who’s flagship course is the One Funnel away challenge. It is $100 and well worth it, BUT if you take the legendary marketers 15 day course for $7 you will learn everything that is taught in the the $100 OFA course. But Dave will “offer” you an expensive intensive training program. From what I can tell it is worth every penny and can keep you from wandering in the weeds for months.

So there is “sales theory” or “sales psychology and method” and then there is “the mechanics” . What I mean by “mechanics” is Click Funnels works in a particular way and you have to learn that, even if you get “free funnels to clone” . Adwords works in a very specifics and particular way as does YouTube, Facebook Groups and various other tools and systems you will have to learn, regardless if they tell you “no technical knowledge necessary” . You can also learn to be a brain surgeon with “no experience” but you are going to need to learn what you need to learn. Unless you can just pay people to do it for you.

big three

Either of those $7 courses are really really wroth taking. Take Jonathan’s 3 day course and you will know how it all works from start to finish, you will not actually know how to do it, but you will know how it works. Then you can buy his more expensive course which will tell you how to do it. Somewhat hold your hand and walk your through it.
No one really makes money off of selling $7 courses, nor are they trying to. If they figure it costs them $7 to generate a lead, then people taking these intro courses pay for the advertsing of their “high ticket” courses.

But don’t get me wrong, there is immense value in these “loss leader” courses. Tremendous value.

Almost any $7 course will really be a paid advertisement for a more expensive product. Same thing at the grocery store. They are not giving away “two for one” because they love you, they are advertising “two for one” to get you into the store so you buy other stuff. And often times what is right next to the “two for one” shelf is a regular product that has actually been marked UP! But the point is to get you into the store. So from some point of view internet marketing and the sales techniques being used are nothing new. But what is new is analytics.

If you have 30 days to learn internet marketing take Russell Brunson’s One Funnel Away Challange. An Amazing amount of value, A to Z, EVERYTHING is taught all the tricks secrets, methods, the works. But where Russell really makes money is the same way Bill Gates did and Larry Ellison did and Steve Jobs did, and that is by selling SOFTWARE. Yes, I know that seems so old fashion but that is petty much what is happening, Russell sells websites and hosting which are called Funnels today.

Oh, yes, he also sells training, training and more training, but recurring revenue of $300/month creates a lot of cash-flow. Also be prepared to get “pitched” a lot of other products and services, you will get “pitched” deals on Clickfunnels, deals on copy-writing, deals on walking on fire. You can spend $100, and leave with $5,000 of new products and training that you never knew you needed!

But it is all this way . Remember when you went to the movies and did not pay to see advertisements for Toyota?

So from someone who has tried over 20 “make money on line” courses and has been in business for over 40 years (successfully), If I was just starting this path, where is what I would recommend.

If you have got some money in the bank, and you are ready to jump in with both feet, I mean you are ready, Then grab the business challnage from Dave Sharpe at Legendary Marketers. JUMP IN.

If you are pretty sure you are going to explore this arena but cash is a bit tight and you may not be ready to jump in with both feet, then hook up with Jonathan Montoya. This guy is a real hard worker and has transformed his life in the past 24 months. Get to know him before he becomes too rich and famous to get direct contact.

If you are in business, and need to move your business into the online world in a big way and will want to tap in to the top of the line, as good as it gets, spare no expense realm, then send your marketing person to the One Funnel Away Challenge and spend away! No, I am not making fun of this, it is top-flight, high value and as professional as it gets, and both Jonathan and Dave Sharepe are going to send you hear to sign up for Clickfunnels anyway.

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