Pay for results details

Details and process of Only Pay for results SEO SERP and business improvement services

  • For SEO SERP Rank improvement services
    1. Provide your website URL and basic information about your reasons for wanting to improve search results right now.
      1. Is this a WordPress website? (we are currently only working with WordPress websites)
      2. Approximate age of the website?
      3. Up to 5 keywords (keyword phrases) where you want to improve search rank results?
      4. Primary competitor’s website if you know of a specific competitor.
      5. Do you currently have a Google analytics and/or Google search console account?
      6. Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, linked-in or other social media accounts?
      7. In just a few words why are you looking into improving your search responsiveness right now? In other words what has changed in your circumstances. Is this a new business, or a new product or you now have funds available for more marketing, or just want to leverage the website more than you have been doing?
    2. Once we have this information, at no cost to you, we will:
      1. Audit your site using SE Ranking, Semrush or a similar tool
      2. Manually assess the site to determine your market niche, competitors in that niche and generally the nature of your business.
      3. Email you our findings and suggest a course of action and whether we feel our services are a good match for your company, market niche and objectives.
      4. If we don’t feel there will be a good likelihood of us meeting your needs we will let you know this and wish you the best of luck and maybe recommend some next steps.

If we feel that we can offer value to you.

  1. We will request payment of the fully refundable account setup fee.
  2. We will get more information from you via email or questioner on our website.
  3. Once we feel we have the information we need we will arrange a time for a real-time conversation with you via phone or zoom, up to approximately an hour if it is required.
    1. We will explore what measurable objectives we can set to improve your search rank and provide a price you will pay if, and only if, we achieve these results.
    2. work out the distribution of labour that will be required, who will do which actions and a timeline/project plan to complete the objective.
    3. Assuming we come to a verbal agreement, we will put this in the form of an MOU-Memorandum of understanding / Work Order
    4. Upon your acceptance of the MOU/Work Order
      1. The website must be a WordPress website
      2. You will need to install a plugin available from the WordPress plugin service. This is a highly rated plug-in called Squirrly. It is a free plug-in obtained from the WordPress site in the normal way.
      3. We will need creator or editor access to create and edit posts. We will not need any sort of administrator access.
    1. What you get totally free.
      • A website audit from SE Ranking or similar quality audit
      • Preliminary assessment and feedback on likely areas of the improvement in an email exchange.
      • Insights about realistic objectives you may achieve or where it would be productive to focus your efforts with or without us.
    2. What you get for a fully refundable $50.00 fee (paid in the currency of your business address, US or Canadian)
      1. Review, assessment and recommendations
      2. Up to an hour of conversation, advice, consultation and plans to move forward.
      3. weekly site audit up to the first milestone/objective.
      4. Continuing work on improvement of your search ranking based on our mutual goal setting and budget agreement.
      5. We accomplish the goal and you pay us the agreed price.

If this interests you contact us here and provide the requested information, thank you.

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