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Part One

Part One - Goals, Motivation and Methods

  • Why What and How
    •  Motivation, Goals and Methods
  • Know the real reason you are doing what you are doing
  • Effective techniques for establishing attainable goals
  • The quickest way to get from here to there
    •  from where you are now to where you want to be
    • Structural Thinking

Part Two

Part Two - The 3 building blocks of any business

  • The three essential elements of any business
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Delivery of product or service
    • Management

Why honesty is still the best policy even in the 21st Century

Part Three

Sales and Marketing - What they are, how they work and why they work

  • Sales and Marketing
    •  What they really are, how they work and why they work
    • The psychology of the sales process, or why people buy
    • The 5 steps of the sale
    • repeat business
    • leverage
  • Marketing in the digital world: Same song, but faster music
    • Websites, Facebook, Twitter etcetera. – What each does and does not do for you

Part Four

Operational efficiency - Delivering your product or service profitably

  • Workflow and process improvement
  • Project management
    • Teams
    • Delegation
  • Tools, software, automation and people
  • Part Five: The Journey is the Goal – Don’t worry, Be happy

Part Five

Management - vision, plans, and reality

  • The short term and the long term
  • Principles
    • win/win
    • The 80 / 20 rule
    • Strategy and Tactics – Planning, measurements, timing, and some of the timeless wisdom of Sun Tzu
    • You don’t have competitors – Just other people doing similar things
    • Structural Thinking
    • Capital, funding and ownership,
    • Insurance, the use of professionals and consultants
    • Succession planning / Exit strategy

Part Six

The Journey is the Goal - Don't worry, Be happy

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