Another iteration of my origin story

Just in case you accidentally found yourself here, this is simply an attempt to write out some kind of “origin story” as all the internet marketing gurus suggest it and I have some sense of the purpose of it. So this is about the fifth attempt to refine it and at some point discover what may be useful in communicating with an audience that may be receptive.

I am a 70-year-old who has been in business for myself most of my life. After getting licensed as an electrical contractor in 1976, I went into that business. Then expanded into telephone systems, then process improvement software, then websites, e-commerce tools, then business consulting. I “mostly retired” sometime around 2008, I stopped looking for work but kept a couple of clients and helped with business coaching and internet marketing. In 2020 our sailing trip from the Gulf of Mexico to Nova Scotia was interrupted by Covid. With a lot of time on my hands, I started investigating how I could offer over 40 years of successful business experience to people who were still “making their way in the world” and if possible people adversely affected by Covid.

I started with Russel Brunson and the OFA, and that led to investigating other training. A lot of it was/is pure BS, lies, hype, con-man-ship and learning how to take advantage of people’s naivety and longing to improve their life. But it is all done in a fabulously mechanized way!


I also discovered a few very worthwhile people and organizations on the journey. Regardless of this swamp that is currently “online marketing”, I still want to find an effective path to provide consulting/coaching to people who want to be successful in their own businesses. My inspiration is to help owner-managed brick and mortar companies, such as “trades-people, electricians, landscapers, office-cleaners, tree-services companies. People who deal with crews, equipment, weather, roads and live customers face-to-face.

People who have spent time learning their trade, are good at it and wanted to be in business, but maybe we’re not totally clear about why. People who are now “in business” and might be somewhat successful, but now realize there is a lot to learn about running a business. They now realize they need to learn as much about business as they learned about their trade.

People who probably don’t, and don’t want to, spend their whole day in front of a computer or smartphone and are leery of the whole world of marketing and sales. Rich and his organization look like a place I might be able to learn some of the final pieces I need to transition from a previously retired, face-to-face, word-of-mouth guy, to an internet gazillionaire! Just kidding about being a gazillionaire, really I don’t care to become a gazillionaire, but I would like to help people while I still can, make money and create a business I can leave to the kids. So that’s my story.

Please share it. Thanks!