About Prosperity Consulting

prosperity Consulting of Nova Scotia
We can help you achive the results you want.
Over 30 years of business experience and 15 years experience consulting to business. We can help
You don't have to make every mistake youself.

We rely on the Structural Thinking methodology for business strategy and planning.  Developed by Robert Fritz ,this “system” will help to quickly clarify goals, resources and priorities. 
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We optimize WordPress websites.

We can make your current WordPress website rank as high as possible for your business objectives. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, or  SERP Search Engine Results Pages  is part science, part experience, part work and  keeping up with Google. 

Only a tiny bit of Magic.
We rely very heavily on Squirrly plug-in and training. Also about 25 years in the website business.

It will cost money to tune a website for good search results. It depends on your offering, your competitors, your market area. It also depends on the integrity, speed and structure of your site.
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We can help with your social media marketing
We can advise or fully manage your; Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in presense and campaigns.
We also manage AdWords and other PPC campaigns.

In today’s world of business it is essential to leverage social media and, depending on your business and market, Pay Per Click advertising. Google and Facebook may indeed be evil incarnate, but it is almost inpossible for most businesses to succeed without them.

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