Zapier alternative Make dot com

Make . Com a better tool for integration of apps and systems integration.

Okay, big claim; better than Zapier. So here are MY reasons.

  • Let’s just start with “plans change” as in you may decide to do something differently and the pricing and feature plans of various companies are constantly changing. But at the time, in late 2022 when I was looking for solutions I tried Zapier, and tried IFTTT and 2 or 3 others. All pretty similar in usage except for the free plan, plan limits and plan costs.webhooks.
  • The free plan will let you use webhooks, last I checked, Zapier don’t.
  • The free plan gives you 1000 transactions, now if you are collecting email address this should be plenty. In fact if you are collecting even 500 a month, you should probably be happy to pay someone for the service
  • the support form make was fantastic. In hosesty Zapier was responsive, but they did not really listen to the question and when they finally heard it, the answer was “get a paid plan”
system integration
system integration
system integration
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