Makng sales with Black magic (or white magic)

The art of selling

sales with black magic
  • It’s all MAGIC.
      • Black Magic.
        • Deception,
        • manipulation,
        • selling for the benefit of the sales person,
        • little or no concern for the customer,
        • short-term goals.
      • White Magic. 
        • Telling the truth,
        • effective communication,
        • selling for the benefit of the customer,
        • serving the customer,
        • long-term relationship building
  • ASK  – 
    • Attitude,
      • Assume the close
      • Expect to benefit the customer’s
    • Skills
      • All the skills of effective communication and walking the prospect through the sales process, from uncertainty and lack of understanding to the recognition that your offering is the best choice for them.
    • Knowledge
      • You must know your products and services, including benefits and shortfalls (if any).
      • You must also know your competitor’s products and services. At least enough to know if they would actually be a better fit for your customer than your products or services.

If you actually want to use white magic, be a good witch instead of a bad witch, then knowing when your competitor is a better choice for the customer, and telling them so, is one of the true tests.

BTW, in our view, the good witch approach is the only approach worth pursuing.
EXTRA BONUS – If you genuinely help other people, you will benefit also

magic wand and wizard

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