esp32 Arduino easily create a function from working code in arduino framework

arduino esp32 functions
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How to easily create a function that can be called from anywhere using existing code that already works. Use this approach to clean up your code, make it “readable” as well as easier to edit, maintain and improve. This is done in the visual micro IDE, which runs on top of visual studio. Both apps are free, but you can pay the visual micro people $12 a year for an astounding piece of work. But the technique shown here will work on ANY editor, including the Arduino IDE. It is not rocket science and there is nothing unique or original here, but it took me many hours over many months to finally discover what was actually taking place and how easy it was to do. Also, and it was worth the “effort” as it makes troubleshooting, reading, understanding and modifying code about 10 times easier. I hope it helps


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