The fool waits
For conditions
To be right before
Being happy.
And even then, it is fleeting.
Maintain a joyous
Attitude, always….
An open heart is the best medicine,
Open it a little more
With every breath.
Approach every act
As if it were your
Last on Earth.
“If my next birth were
Determined by this act alone,
What karmic impact
Will be left on my loved ones and
The world in general.
By this word, thought, or deed?”
Seek to make
Peace without
Judging who is
Right or wrong.
Walk away
From argument.
Heal old and new
Wounds before
They get infected.
Do not talk about people behind their back,
Quickly overlook their mistakes,
As well as your own.
If you stop from doing just these things,
you will have produced
more positive karmic seeds, than are atoms
Scattered throughout the entire Universe!
At various times and various places,
There will be earthquakes,
Floods, famine, fire, disease,
And even collisions with astral bodies.
Such things are not to be feared…
If you are living with the thought,
“Like me all that live want to be protected,
Loved and accepted.
I will help them”
During troubled
Times, if someone
Says, “Pray to my God
Or lose your head!”
Better to live without
A head than to live
With one owned
By another.
Find your own truth,
Question everything.
Do the next right thing,
And your life will be like sweet incense…
Be sincere,
Live according to your true nature.
It’s better to be a sincere fool,
Than to fake that you are wise.
People can be helped
By the truth of your brokenness,
But not by the lie of your wholeness.
When you do these practices
Stress and worry cannot
Find you.


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