Tools, Sociamonials – post once and be seen in many places

Do you get tired of writing a blog or post and then REposting it 5 or 8 times? Get Socialmnials better than Hootsuite, better than sprout, better than Publer, WAY better than buffer (but hats off to buffer they did blaze the trail).

And here’s the kicker. As far as I can tell they have BY FAR the least expensive entery leval plan, that is meaningful. I think one or two other’s had a plan cheaper but why pay $6.00/ month if you can only post to two accounts? What’s the point?

Check it out here, 14 day free trial and if you are an agency, manage all your accounts in one place. Your customer signs up, gives you their credentials, then YOU log in only one time in one place and manage all your accounts from one master dashboard. very cool. get sociamonials here


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