Pay for results marketing? Pay for results SEO SERP & business services

Are you tired of promises to get you on the first page of Google or other empty promises? Have you paid enough to “experts” that tell a good story about how great they are but want you to pay before you see results? Pay for results marketing. I have been in business since 1974 and have been doing management consulting since 2005 and search ranking improvement work since 2015. I have learned many things running companies from electrical contracting to telephone system installations, to business improvement software, website development and management consulting. Some services have to be billed by the hour. Some services need to be quoted at a fixed

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3 SEO lies to really question in 2020

There are many supposed tricks to better search rankings. But in reality, it actually takes work. Many of the supposed tricks will just get your site demoted or kicked off altogether. Even with very good tools like Squilly or MOZ or the dozens of other products and services or Google Analytics itself, it is still going to take work. Which means time. We have been in the web site business since 1990 and have been doing search optimization for customers since 2015. A lot has changed and in fact, it keeps changing weekly if not daily in terms of what it takes to get good rankings with Google or other

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seo lies damned lies statistics

SEO Lies damned lies statistics and the history of the web

“AdWords, SEO, Lies, damned lies, statistics” While I don’t have any statistics a great number of webistes are more about lying than telling the truth.  Many websites you find in searches are found because of deceptive SEO practices. Generally, deceptive SEO practices point to deceptive websites. There are two fundamental ways that websites are found in searches: Organic searches – there is no paid advertising involved and Google and other search engine magic formulas (algorithms) deliver some sites to you based on the search terms you typed in. This is highly dependent on how well the content of pages on the site aligns with the terms you entered but to

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SEO overview

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, does it matter to me?   SEO or Search Engine Optimization is another one of those things that promise miracles and in some cases actually delivers them. As someone who delivered their first commercial website in 1998 and has helped many businesses with there success through selling their products, training salespeople, automating business processes and management consulting, I will present my view of SEO and related services. First, ask why. Why are you interested in SEO? It is generally best in almost all endeavours to “begin with the end in mind” or have a clear picture in your mind of the result you want to

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