Motivation, Mindset, Magical-Thinking and Mindset Coaching

This is a big topic. Very big, very important.

Mindset Coaching is very popular these days for some reason. But the idea of “getting your mind right” has been important in business and in life since the beginning of humanity. At the highest levels, or maybe the most subtle levels, we have people like the Buddha, Christ, Mohammad and others who tapped into the importance of what we think. At a somewhat more mundane level people like Napoliean Hill, Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightengale, Norman Vincent Peale, discovered and taught the same thing decades ago as Carol S. Dweck, James Clear, Tony Robbins and many others are teaching today. They all “clicked in” to the importance of ideas, focus, vision, faith, belief, confidence and so on.

Unfortunately even people like Adolf Hitler, Josphen Stalin and others also realized the power of the mind. Just like fire, sharp knives, double-edged swords and black & white magic these discoveries and techniques can be used for good and to help the world or they can be used for evil and to cuase harm.

Be careful what you wish for, becase you will probably get it!

So what is Mindset Coaching?

I’d say that “mindset” has something to do with motivation. I would say that motivation really comes first.  It just comes from within. It is either there or it’s not. Now maybe you can get motivated, get yourself motivated, but still the impetus to do that just happens.

To be honest, to a large degree it is simply about focus, discipline, and what you hold in your mind. The main problem is for any of it to work, being “the master of our own mind” or discipline comes first and then content comes second. Without personal discipline or mastery of self, the rest really don’t work. We are unable to consistently keep our vision in front of us.

A very important question to ask yourself is why do you want to do you want what you plan to do. Why do you want to start a business? Why do you want to do that instead of just get a job? Starting and running a business is hard, especially at the beginning. So  what is the reason behind your decision to do something hard?

Is it for prestige o because you don’t want to be poor? Or maybe you have a vision to save the world or just to make the world a better place. Do you know your motivation? A good exercise is to ask yourself why at least 5 times.
Maybe you want to go into business simply because you hate your boss.

It’s something that should be looked at carefully.
Because it could be kind of like building castles on sand or building sand castles.
If the foundation of what you’re doing is not solid, then the later stages will be shaky.
When the hard times come,  which they will. If our reasons for doing things are not sound, you will waver or quit.

You may not keep going you may just get stuck you may  quit. So while taking the time to investigate your motivation may seem unessary, or slowing you down, it is really worth the time to ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing.

A simple exercise which you can do right now is this:
Ask yourself at least four times, why do I want this? What is my underlying motivation?
Why do i want to start this business?

Your fitst answer to your self might be; because I want to make more money.
Now examine that answer, is that the whole answer? Why do you want to make more money?
maybe your ansers is so I can drive a better car? Okay, but why do you want to drvie a better car?

Keep going, keep examining what is actually truely motivating you. This is not an excersie in morality or what you “should” have as a motivation. But some motivations simply will not keep you going when the going gets tough. That is really all you want to find out here.

Many people have decided to go into business because they hated their boss, or hated their job or wanted to impress someone, or prove someone wrong. Any of these reasons may be completely valid and sustainable, but many people have gone into business for “the wrong reasons” (the wrong reasons for them) and when things got difficult, the drive to keep going just was not there.

think about it. Do the exercise. It is worth the time. And you will learn something about yourself in the process.
So the idea of this exercise is this is not particularly in exercise and morality.

Another pitfuall these days is the problem of magical thinking.

Of magical thinking simply because you wish to be show it’s gonna be so.
It was a bit of confusion were books like the secret even the quality and heal and many other people.
While in essence this idea is true.
When you put energy into something.
That’s where the direction of things can go in is where you put energy.
At the same time.
Okay can to get very over simplified in the world that all you have to do is hold something in your mind and it’s going to come to pass.
At me and check be true but the reality is you can’t or something in your mind and cat novel.
Doesn’t work.
So here’s a lot more involved than just wishing on a star and come true.
And at the same time.
There’s a lot of truth to it.
But people can get very diluted am very confused and very gone down many wrong path by over simplifying this idea that come being clear on what you want in holding it.
In your mind is going to make it happen.
Energy also has to be put into it.
You have to keep going you have to keep nurturing that vision you have to keep coming back to it and there are many techniques to do this.
One approach.
Can of came from robert rich the idea of structural thinking however even robert truth idea in my estimation has come from.
In ancient principal in china.
The idea of heaven earth and man or have an irish and action.
Rectum you have a vision and cheap or in the whole dispersion as we talked about where the came from what’s actually at the root of the haitian it’s very important for you to determine for your shop you don’t even after tell anybody.
Your reason.
Making money.
We all need money.
It’s not like they’re too bad reason but often times people will find it is not a good enough reason.
Because just wanting to make money tends to exclude a lot of other hangs in when you have to make choices.
Maybe making money wins out over honesty or truthfulness or.
Actually delivering what you said you were going to deliver so again we don’t want to moralize here.
But we want to be careful about why we’re doing what we’re doing what we’re sending out to do.
Let’s see how that works.

mindset coaching
Everything starts with an idea, or a thought.





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