Essential training sales marketing for new businesses

The first time hanging out your business sign. Putting up a sign, literally or otherwise is marketing. Marketing is building an awareness of your offerings and brand. Getting potential customers to notice you. This is different from sales. Sales is getting the order, completing the transaction. All marketing and sales have two parts, emotions and logic or reason.

Business Success is dependent on many elements, Advertising is one of them.

Emotion, pictures, attention

Do you want an apple right now?

This picture is intended to get your attention. It appeals to your emotions, there is nothing logical about it unless maybe if we were trying to sell apples. But it really does not matter what is being sold as long as your attention can be captured and you are not overly offended. You may be persuaded to hear more. The picture may have nothing to do with the product, but sometimes it does. The picture is to appeal to your emotions and link that microscopic good feeling to the message.

Logic, reason, facts and figures.

in the1950s men bought pipe wrenches and women caught the attention of men.

This Ridgid Tools ad for a pipe wrench did not really have much to do with women, but back in the 1950s men bought pipe wenches and women caught the attention of men.

Logic, reason and facts & figures play a secondary, but important role. It has been said, people buy with emotion and justify the sale with logic. Think about it. You do it all the time. Something captures your imagination, a boat, a car a faster phone, a bigger house, a higher return on investment. It may be a fancy graph, a clever graphic or something else.

In terms of advertising, as it relates to business success, the “facts & figures” will still have to “add up”. But without getting the prospect’s attention, and invoking favourable emotions about your product or services, the “facts” will not matter at all. These advertising truths have not changed in a hundred years, really not in a thousand years. Facebook, Adwords TicTok Twitter and the rest simply leverage these techniques by highly selective targeting of the prospective buyer, “the prospect”. So an ad that would need to be viewed by thousands of people who were not prospects, can be targeted only to very likely prospects based on search results, previous “likes“, shares, age, location or other criteria. And now the advertiser only needs to pay for ads that have been targeted very precisely. While it is pretty true that “nothing happens until the sale is made”, without the ability to deliver a product or services as promised in the advertising and the ability to manage the process of the advertising, sales and delivery all the results of good advertising will be for nothing.

Think of things in just the last week, that have caught your eye and caused you to click, scroll, or pick-up the phone or just start thinking about something. What caught your attention? An outrageous headline? A scary headline? An attractive image? A pretty face?
Same as it ever was.

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