Success | Definition of Success by Merriam-Webster

Define success: outcome, result; degree or measure of succeeding — success in a sentence.

What is “success” anyway?

Thsuccessere is a lot of talk about “success” and what it takes to be successful. Anyone who gives much thought to the topic would probably agree that one should define “success” before trying to achieve it.  One measure of “success” at Prosperity Consulting is helping you, the client, achieve the results you want to achieve.  We offer three types of services; software, marketing and management consulting services.

A business needs three things to succeed.

In essence, any successful business must succeed in three areas.

1) You must offer something that people are willing to pay for.
2) People must become aware of your business and its offering.
3) Acquiring and delivering value to the customer has to be managed.

Of course, there are many subcategories and complexities involved.  But essentially business is nothing more than the exchange of value from one party to another.   Product or Services, Marketing and Sales and the management of all internal and externals systems.

At Prosperity Consulting we use the Structural Thinking method as the foundation for managing our own business and helping you to manage yours.
Check out this presentation by Robert Fritz on Structural Thinking





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