Don Winchell

Don has been a business owner since 1976. He has created and managed 6 successful companies in 4 different industries in the USA and then in Canada. Since 2005 he has been consulting and coaching business owners who want to take their company to the next level ethically and sustainably. Don has recently launched a Facebook group at Prosperity - through ethical business Click the link to request to join. Engage in tons of free training and participate in conversations with real business owners who want to improve their business for the long-haul.

70 year old goes crazy

70-year old goes crazy!

The longer short story. What is true is I turned 70 years old recently. What is also true is I have been getting back into business for about the past three months. I must be crazy!After many years in business I “retired” to our mortgage-free home on an ocean cove where we docked our 36 …

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Essential training sales marketing for new businesses

The first time hanging out your business sign. Putting up a sign, literally or otherwise is marketing. Marketing is building an awareness of your offerings and brand. Getting potential customers to notice you. This is different from sales. Sales is getting the order, completing the transaction. All marketing and sales have two parts, emotions and …

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Pay for results details

Details and process of Only Pay for results SEO SERP and business improvement services For SEO SERP Rank improvement services Provide your website URL and basic information about your reasons for wanting to improve search results right now. Is this a WordPress website? (we are currently only working with WordPress websites) Approximate age of the …

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Prosperity, what does it mean to you?

To prosper, to accomplish, to thrive, a sense of success and well-being. Isn’t this what we all want? Isn’t this what you want? We have been helping small businesses succeed since 1995. Would you like to learn how to move your enterprise forward? Would you like to do this steadily without making all the mistakes …

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prosperity Consulting of Nova Scotia

Prosperity Consulting of Nova Scotia – for your success

Prosperity Consulting of Nova Scotia started in 1995 to help owner-managed businesses reach their full potential. After over 25 years as a successful business owner, I began a two-year course of training with Robert Fritz to better understand the principles of running a company successfully and how to teach this to others. We can help …

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3 SEO lies to really question in 2020

There are many supposed tricks to better search rankings. But in reality, it actually takes work. Many of the supposed tricks will just get your site demoted or kicked off altogether. Even with very good tools like Squilly or MOZ or the dozens of other products and services or Google Analytics itself, it is still …

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Management consultants and low cost ways to improve your business

If you are looking for management consultants who will actually help you improve your business profits we should talk. I have been in business for myself since 1975. I have created 5 successful companies and then studied for two years with Robert Fritz, to learn how to turn this experience into effective consulting. There are …

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ways to succeed today

What are the best ways to succeed today? Is today really different than any other time? There are many details that are specific to the exact time and place. Of course, these details have to be taken into account, however, there are basic principles that have never changed. Things that do change the political landscape, …

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Management Consulting

Management Consultants and Coaching I have run successful businesses in the USA and Canada since about 1973.  I began studying with Robert Fritz in about 2001 and took many courses on how to help others be successful in business, really in any endeavor. By applying the principles of the the Structural Thinking method, I can …

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Business success

Success | Definition of Success by Merriam-Webster Define success: outcome, result; degree or measure of succeeding — success in a sentence. What is “success” anyway? There is a lot of talk about “success” and what it takes to be successful. Anyone who gives much thought to the topic would probably agree that one should define …

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