The affiliate marketing journey as of 2021

So after many months into this journey, and update. It did not start as a journey to become an affiliate marketer. The original intention was just to up my game in the online world in order to support existing clients.

affiliate marketing journey

However, as I put efforts into learning and getting current it became pretty clear that the only way to learn would be by actually practicing. So learning from people good at online marketing and most of them involved in affiliate marketing, became the obvious path.

At first, I thought I could pursue offering my existing consulting and coaching in an online format, but this would require a tremendous effort in constructing a training program suitable for online delivery. Content, structure, formatting, graphics, the works. then there would be the question of how well it would “convert” or sell, collecting money, convincing people to buy and all the rest that goes into any business. While to do/did have a local reputation for consulting/coaching work, this does not at all translate to the dog-eat-dog, “capturing eyeballs” world of the current online landscape. It’s a jungle out there! While there are truly high value offers, these high value offers have very high dollar advertising budgets. If one was extremely lucking, even with paid advertising, in some markets one could spend thousands for an almost negligible exposure. If one had a product and a brand that was converting 100%, once could get new customers, but even the big-boys are only converting maybe 20% for the first step of engagement, and even some big guys are only converting 10% to 15% of the people who get to the first step in the “funnel”. So connecting with Affiliate Marketing starts to make a lot more sense. Even if it is just for practice!

affiliate marketing journey

But as I dug deeper and reviewed course after course, scam after scam, promise after promise I began to realize that what would make more sense is to use proven tested “products” and services that were already “converting” well. So we have the “funnel” concept. leads, interest, conversion step one, conversion step two conversion step etcetera ….

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