A simple sales training intro


This page on sales training and introduction to ethical selling is now presented on this page, so click here to see it. https://prosperityconsulting.com/essence-of-the-sales-process-sales-training-1

Sales training for ethical selling, using time-tested and still up-to-date methods. Selling or commerce has been taking place for literally thousands of years. While we may think everything is different today with the internet, AI, social media and massive mass marketing. One fact still remains, at least in 2023, it is HUMANS who buy things. While there may be some questions about how long this will be true, it is still true today. Humans, people buy things from each other and believe it or not humans till operated in basically the same way, psychologically, as they did three thousand yeas ago. So selling actually works the same way it did 3,000 years ago. Check out this link to another page on this website to see that this is true.

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