70-year old goes crazy!

A short story.

70 year old goes crazy
70 year old goes crazy

In May of 2020 Covid19 persuaded us to interrupt our sailing trip from The Gulf of Mexico to Nova Scotia. With a lot of unexpected time on my hands, I decided to get back into business. As I just turned 70 years old recently, I might be crazy!

So just a bit about me as an introduction. My actual name is Don Winchell, after over 40 years in business I “retired” around 2008 to our mortgage-free home located on an ocean cove where we kept our 36 foot Catalina Sailboat.

Our 36-foot Catalina sailboat
in our backyard

In over 40 years in business, I have started and managed 6 successful companies, first in the USA and then in Canada. I have spent well over $30,000 in training and courses learning how to effectively deliver to others what I learned about running profitable, successful businesses.

Mortgage free home-sweet-home

The reason I bring up my history and talk about being debt-free is not that I think I am a big deal, as obviously compared to all the 30-year-old on-line multi-millionaires I have totally missed the boat!

But if you’re someone new to business who is not in it just for the money alone, but does want to earn a comfortable living and not work yourself to death delivering your services, maybe I can offer some guidance and support.

Maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t care if people think you’re old-fashion because you don’t lie, or exaggerate and misrepresent yourself.

Maybe you are someone who actually delivers what you promise.

Maybe you do get a little irritated when you lose the sale to a competitor who has low-balled the price and plans to make up for it in “extras”.

Or maybe you are just really sick of all the online hype, lies, “funnels” and ways to “get rich” by selling trash and worthless “services” to people who can’t afford it.

the view from our Livingroom

I have delivered software projects of up to $800,000 and literally hundreds of smaller projects. I have personally delivered services to companies such as McKinsey & Company in New York City, IBM, ABB, electric utilities, telephone companies, insurance companies, the Auditor General of Canada, and many other businesses both large and small, and have employed well over a hundred people over the years.

Before “retiring”, I was providing consulting to owner-managed companies that involved; vision and planning, work-flow improvement, SEO, digital marketing services and coaching.

Over the past 10 years, I have continued to provide services to a single client and during this time also dabbled in this and that. I was on the board of a wind turbine company and a chamber of commerce and spent a lot of time “just smelling the roses” and taking sailing trips.

Why come back? After working for a good part of my life, it was nice to stop always checking my phone and my email constantly. It was nice to stop being on a schedule. But after a while, “doing nothing” loses its luster.

So with a little help from a global pandemic, and before I am too old I decided to offer what I still could to people who are still in the process of making their way in the world.
I have had a very fortunate life and would like to help where I can.

The form and format of how I will do this are still evolving. One aspect of the plan is a Facebook tribe inspired by Mark Bowness, it’s Prosperity – through ethical business.

If you want to get paid what you are worth, don’t want to lie to get work and want to have some free time off the job, click the link to join. It is completely free. Maybe you will find something of value there.

I have also started learning affiliate marketing primarily as a way to improve my abilities in the world of internet marketing. For those who don’t know, affiliate marketing is where the affiliate gets paid a commission if someone buys a product, course or service through a link or “banner” that the affiliate provides. Some examples are:
These links for Legendary Marketers >> A $7.00 course about affiliate marketing and online business.
and Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough Blueprint

Affiliate marketing at its core is a completely legitimate business model where someone who has a product or services to sell, uses “affiliates” to market the product in addition to or instead of doing their own marketing. There are many benefits to this model, both for the company with the product or services to sell as well as for the affiliates. Unfortunately many people have taken the model and twisted it to where useless crap or outright scams are created simply to provide “products” to be marketed by “affiliates”. This actually makes it difficult for the legitimate offerings to be noticed amongst all the scammers. Additionally it also gives the legitimate offerings “a bad name” simply becuase they are “affliate marketed” products.

Such is the way of the world.

This is an example of a “banner ad” for a free website builder and hosting service. Freefor-life, (because it is still currently beta software.) It actually is free-forever if you sign-up while the offer exists (or as long as the company remains in business). And is worth jumping on if you need a website.

Some wacky place in the Florida Keys before Covid19

A picture of our “new” boat taken by some friends we met while we were in Florida in 2020 before the world changed. The picture came on the very nice card I received from these new friends we met in the Keys (I’m the guy on the right)

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