3 SEO lies to really question in 2021

seo lies
SEO lies will not help you

There are many supposed tricks to better search rankings. But in reality, it actually takes work. Many of the supposed tricks will just get your site demoted or kicked off altogether. Even with very good tools like Squilly or MOZ or the dozens of other products and services or Google Analytics itself, it is still going to take work. Which means time.

We have been in the web site business since 1990 and have been doing search optimization for customers since 2015. A lot has changed and in fact, it keeps changing weekly if not daily in terms of what it takes to get good rankings with Google or other search services. There are many SEO lies out there. And in reality, some of these lies were truths at one time. There were techniques that were completely valid years ago, even encouraged by Google, that will get you demoted today. The simple fact is you can not simply put up a website or post and expect that it will stay well-ranked over time. What people search for changes and how Google ranks things changes.

3 lies that will only cost you money with no results

  • You can get higher rankings from a fully automated service
  • You can get higher rankings without putting in any time (or hiring someone to put in the time)
  • You can trick Google to ranking you higher than they should

not falling for SEO lies is a step in the right direction.

seo lies
set a good course

What is this going to cost?

Some price information

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