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There are three aspects of a business that all have to work together for a business to be successful over the long term:

  • Executive functions - Vision, planning and management
  • Marketing and Sales - Without sales, it does not matter how great your idea, how good the plan or how fantastic the product.
  • Your product or service - Something of value, something people will pay for. And it has to be delivered at a competitive price.

Because these areas have to work together harmoniously I make every attempt to deliver what is essential for success in all three areas. Of course there are many details in each area, for instance executive functions will also include finance, legal, internal systems, and so on, but by providing the owner-managed business with critical insights and experience in these key areas of business I can help you achieve the results you want with a minimum of outside specialists. As you may have already experienced the need for many "specialists" in overlapping areas can get very complicated and expensive.  

I can help you establish, or improve the definition of your strategic objectives and establish a clear and actionable path to accomplish the end results you want. By establishing clear goals, priorities and plans for the critical areas of; sales and marketing, management systems and efficient delivery of your products or services. With over 30 years of business management experience and more than 15 years as an IT project manager and system architect, I can help you make reasoned decisions about strategy, marketing and effective internal management systems. 
My viewpoint is simple: What is best for your business as a whole and how can I help you achieve the results you want in the most cost effective way, by addressing the key areas of business in the most seamless and harmonious manner ?

Strategic Planning and implementation

Primarily using the "Structural Thinking" approach to planning, developed by Robert Fritz, we can quickly clarify and align your purpose, priorities and resources into a business structure that supports your goals. This strategic plan is recorded in a cloud-based system that facilitates using your planning as an actionable and measurable road-map to achieving the results you want. Without a plan, long-term success is unlikely. A plan that is not applied is almost as worthless as no plan at all. Contact us to find out if we can help you improve your business at a price that will be easily paid for in increased sales, lowered overhead and improved productivity.  Initial work is best done in-person, but can be done on-line. Most follow-up work and implementation of a plan can be very effectively done remotely via on-line tools.
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Key services to improve your business

Software solutions , websites, CRM, Android and iPhone Apps at very low cost
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By leveraging the differences in currency values between North America and Vietnam I can offer you Information Technology services at 1/2 to 1/3 (or less) of the price you would pay if the services were delivered from North America. In partnership with a company in Vietnam, who I have been affiliated with for over 17 years, I can deliver the range of skills and capabilities of a 30-person mature provider without the uncertainties and complications of contracting work from the other side of the planet.  I have been personally involved in delivering software solutions since 1993 and have delivered projects ranging from under a thousand dollars to over a million dollars. Let's face it, you are already receiving most of the services and product you use, from iPhones to toasters, from sources outside North America.  Why not take advantage of low cost, high quality, professional delivery and the convenience and peace of mind of dealing with a Canadian company with over 25 years experience in the software/internet business?  Contact us about your next internet/software project.

Digital marketing - AdWords, Facebook and Pay Per Click advertising (click for more informaiotn)

Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing is quickly replacing various forms of advertising such as the Yellow Pages, newspapers, radio and TV with Facebook advertising, AdWords, Twitter and websites. Even the websites is rapidly evolving as to where it fits in the marketing mix. We can help you use these newer forms of advertising effectively and cost-effectively.

Vision, strategy and planning (read more)

Sales, product or service, and management. Without an clear picture of what you want to achieve "more sales" may cause more harm than good. Without measurement of where sales are coming from we don't know how to best use our advertising budget.

Ethical sales methods - Increase sales without deception (read more)

Lying, cheating and trickery have been used very effectively to increase sales. However we believe you can sell very effectively without resorting to outright deception, half-truths or hostage-taking. We can help your team learn the reasons why people buy , or don't buy, and powerful techniques to increase your sales.

Operational efficiency - Reduce overhead and increase profits (more)


Help with getting a troubled business back on track

Through the use of the structural tension charting method it becomes easier to discover the root of recurring problems and align your efforts with your strategic objectives rather than  having the same problems repeatedly.

Finding it hard to move forward consistently or having the same types of problems repeatedly is often caused by what Robert Fritz calls 'structural conflicts'.  Identifying these structural conflicts is the first step in resolving them and getting things moving again toward the results you want. Find out more about structural, conflicts here.

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